...when the chips are down

Johnny Fontaine Behind the Music
Where is he now?

What can I say even all these years after my retirement people still can’t get enough of me. Fills my heart with joy that does.

You see, I had it all here in Vegas. The glam, the girls, the parties, all of it. I was on top of the world. 2 shows a night three nights a week it was the good life. What can I say? I indulged, I jumped head first into the deep end of Vegas, and I loved it. Every waking second of AR and RL fun I could get my hands on. Hell I even made movies. Oceans 21, that was me. As was “Sunset over Siam” I loved making that film. You also might remember me from vid. Had that recurring guest spot as the mobster on that new version of “CSI: Vegas” I even got to play a serial rapist in the only show to have its first season air back in the 1990s “Law an order”. You know a couple of centuries later and you still can here that sound from that show on something like 16 different vid networks through out the day.

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